Bombay Bicycle Club at House Of Blues 4/30/2014


Last night I left work and walked a few blocks to catch about 80% of Royal Canoe’s opening set at House of Blues, followed by headliners Bombay Bicycle Club. I’m glad I got there when I did because the place was already packed. It hardly felt like I was watching an opening act at all, as Royal Canoe seemed to have full command of the audience through the portion of their set I got to see. I wasn’t terribly familiar with them before, but I’ll definitely check them out when I have some time. They had a lot of tricks up their sleeves, using multiple synths and vocal filters to create the sounds they needed. A great performance that definitely got the crowd amped for the set from Bombay Bicycle Club.

I’m on record as saying I’m not really a big fan of Bombay Bicycle Club’s last album A New Kind Of Fix. I think a lot of my problems with it stem from the fact that I like Flaws SO much that the departure from that sound bothered me. I’m happy to report that their newest release, So Long, See You Tomorrow, is much better. They stick to their guns and go with the more pop and dance-influenced tunes, but the songs are written better and they’ve figured out some sonic stuff that makes the whole thing coalesce.


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Bombay Bicycle Club-A Different Kind Of Fix

┬áLast year Bombay Bicycle Club hopped onto my radar and narrowly missed a spot on my top ten list with their folky Flaws. As talk began about the follow-up, their third release, I heard alot about going back to a more electric sound. I was a bit worried and a lot disappointed, as the sparseness and┬ámelancholy of Flaws is what made me love it so … Continue reading Bombay Bicycle Club-A Different Kind Of Fix