Jarryd James at Metro 8/8/2016

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jarryd James a little under a year ago at a party put on by Patron. It certainly wasn’t my scene, and based on our interview after his short performance, it did’t really seem like his either. He did a couple songs to a group of half-listening people surrounded by cocktail stations and tapas-style food kiosks. Not the best … Continue reading Jarryd James at Metro 8/8/2016

Interview: Jarryd James (Chicago 10/21/2015)

Last night I had the great pleasure to see Jarryd James perform a short set and sit down for a few minutes to chat with him about his music. The Australian singer has already made a big splash in his native country, and he’s touring the States with Meg Myers in an effort to bolster his presence here. I thought the performance was very good. … Continue reading Interview: Jarryd James (Chicago 10/21/2015)