The All-About: Suburban Heart

Suburban Heart has been one of my most highly anticipated records of 2013. Since Winterpop hit early last year The All-About have released a couple singles and an EP, including the almost perfect jam “Sadie Hawkins.” The build up to the new full-length dates all the way back to last year, but things have heated up recently with the release of two new singles, “Jessie” … Continue reading The All-About: Suburban Heart

By Surprise-Criteria 7″

I’m a couple weeks behind on this release, but I think you’ll be happy with this release regardless of when you hear it. This new three song 7″ was released on January 15th on Topshelf, and it’s already garnered some good buzz. I was sent one of the songs to check out and immediately knew that I would like it. There’s something about this small … Continue reading By Surprise-Criteria 7″

Titus Andronicus-Local Business

Titus Andronicus is one of my favorite bands in the world right now. 2010’s The Monitor was a revelation of sloppy punk facades covering aspirations of Springsteen. It instantly became one of my all-time classic records, and I spin it at least a few times a month over two years later. So, the news that a new Titus album was on it’s way got me … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-Local Business

Spider Bags-Shake My Head

I used to hate Twitter. Hate probably isn’t the right word, because that hardly scratches the surface of the venomous rants I would lay down against the social media forum. In the beginning I just thought it was dumb, but then CNN decided they needed to be in a public battle with Ashton Kutcher to see which worthless media whore could get to a million … Continue reading Spider Bags-Shake My Head