Young Jesus-Green (Video)

Young Jesus have been fairly quiet since my classic resurrection joke when they released Grow/Decompose back in March of 2015. They’re coming back in a big way, with a new self-titled album out September 12th on Gigantic Noise. They just released a video for the single “Green” today, directed by Jordan Epstein. It finds the band in a different place than we last left them-the … Continue reading Young Jesus-Green (Video)


The last time we checked in with Bummer, they had a new video starring Allison Scagliotti for their song “Low.” Now they’re back with a new single ahead of their self-titled EP coming out April 8th, and it couldn’t be more different. While “Low” was a more ambient tune that built on a beat and vocals, “wayisound” is a grungy rocker filled with guitars and … Continue reading Bummer-“wayisound”

Bummer-“Low” (Video)

Seldom do I like a video that is based mostly on interpretive dance. Somehow the combination of new Chicago band Bummer and star of television’s Warehouse 13 Allison Scagliotti works. Maybe it’s because she’s also in one of my favorite episodes of Party Down, “Taylor Stiltskin’s Sweet 16.” I don’t know if she’s had training in ballet or not, but her dancing seems like she … Continue reading Bummer-“Low” (Video)

Young Jesus Record Release At Lincoln Hall 1/4/11

“Thank you very much. We are Young Jesus and this is our fucking record release show!” With that John Rossiter kicked off a blazing set by the young and quickly rising rock and roll band from right here in Chicago. Listening to their new album, Home, I got a pretty good idea of what the band was about, but seeing them perform live gave me … Continue reading Young Jesus Record Release At Lincoln Hall 1/4/11