The Welcome-Weeknights

The Welcome got together almost exactly 4 years ago, and I got into them shortly after. They’ve been through a few lineup changes and released a whole slew of EP’s since they began, and now they’re finally putting out their first full-length. Weeknights builds on all their previous music, but makes a bigger leap forward than anything they’ve done in the past. It’s a dance-pop … Continue reading The Welcome-Weeknights

The Welcome At Beat Kitchen 5/10/12

Just over a year after first meeting Gehring Miller to do an interview about his band, The Welcome, I finally had a chance to see them play live. There have been a lot of emails and Facebook messages throughout the last twelve months, but our schedules never matched up. The group took a short hiatus after completing their EP-a-month marathon of releases toward the end … Continue reading The Welcome At Beat Kitchen 5/10/12