Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Kari didn’t have the opportunity to shoot as many shows as I did this year, yet she came away with about as many worthwhile shots as me. Some of these were shot for this website, and some for Aesthetic Magazine out of Toronto, which she’s been shooting for the past couple years. Check out her Facebook page for more photos. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. … Continue reading Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Josh Ritter at Thalia Hall 9/26/2016

Last night Josh Ritter stopped in Chicago for his second headlining date of the year in support of his album Sermon On The Rocks. The first show was at the very cavernous and not-so-great-sounding Riviera, and this concert was at the much-preferred Thalia Hall, with it’s fantastic sound system and intimate atmosphere. The diehards made it out despite the double whammy of the Presidential debate … Continue reading Josh Ritter at Thalia Hall 9/26/2016

Josh Ritter Felt Right At Home In Chicago 1/29/2016

Last night was the ninth time I’ve seen Josh Ritter live, including solo and live band sets. Each time I’m overwhelmed by the quality of his songwriting. One thing that’s changed over the years, though, is the trust he has in the band backing him up. Since the departure of Austin Nevins, and the arrival of his replacement Josh Kaufman, the shows feel looser. I … Continue reading Josh Ritter Felt Right At Home In Chicago 1/29/2016

Josh Ritter Announces New Album-Stream The First Single!

Sermon On The Rocks, the latest album from singer/songwriter Josh Ritter, will be released on October 16th. It was announced this morning via Ritter’s social media and email newsletter, along with a new song “Getting Ready To Get Down.” It’s a bit different from most of Ritter’s music, and a LOT different from his previous record The Beast In Its Tracks. Recorded in New Orleans … Continue reading Josh Ritter Announces New Album-Stream The First Single!

Lionel O -MLO

I was instantly smitten with Lionel O’s music when I saw them play at Subterranean a couple years ago. I had no idea who they were or where they were from, but something in the songs spoke to me. I later found that the band is a project from Matt Orenstein, a Chicago citizen who came from Minnesota via Oberlin College. Ever since I’ve been … Continue reading Lionel O -MLO