Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

25. Jamaican Queens–Wormfood 24. Dr. Skinnybones–A Last Hurrah For The Glory Of Drinking Alone 23. The Thermals–Desperate Ground 22. Smith Westerns–Soft Will 21. Night Terrors Of 1927–Guilty Pleas EP 20. Deltron 3030-The Event II 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Mosquito 18. Portugal. The Man.–Evil Friends 17. The All-About–Suburban Heart 16. Fort Frances–Harbour 15. Killer Mike & El-P-Run The Jewels 14.Camera Obscura–Desire Lines 13. Rilo Kiley–RKives 12. Golden Bloom–No Day Like Today 11. Christopher Owens–Lysandre 10. Islands–Ski Mask 9. Janelle Monae–The Electric Lady 8. Of … Continue reading Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

Briar Rabbit at Schubas 9-5-2013

Last night at Schubas I finally got the chance to see my friend Briar Rabbit perform live for the first time. I’m not sure how I’ve gone over a year without seeing him play, but it was well worth the wait. This show acted as the kick-off to promote the new album From Your Bones-though the record has been delayed, so this was deemed a … Continue reading Briar Rabbit at Schubas 9-5-2013

Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band at The Vic 4/27/13

For a folk singer, Josh Ritter puts on one helluva rock and roll show. Actually, that statement doesn’t need a qualifier-he puts on a great show regardless of genre. Last night at The Vic was no different than the previous five times I’ve seen him. His show is around 90 minutes of unadulterated good times. Even when he’s singing a sad, slow ballad you feel … Continue reading Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band at The Vic 4/27/13

Top Ten Unappreciated Josh Ritter Songs

Tonight Josh Ritter hits Chicago, and I’ll be there just like I am every time he plays within 50 miles of me. I’m running through my usual show-day ritual of listening to some deep cuts, and I thought it might be a good time to shine a spotlight on some of the man’s unheralded work. Everybody loves “Kathleen” and “The Curse,” but let’s give it … Continue reading Top Ten Unappreciated Josh Ritter Songs

Jason Myles Goss-Radio Dial


A little over a month ago I had the honor of posting a wonderfully eloquent essay by Jason Myles Goss about his song “Hospital Shirt.” I had been listening to his album Radio Dial for a couple weeks at that point, and the song really stuck out as a beautiful showcase of his writing and singing abilities. What I didn’t mention at the beginning of that article is that the rest of the album is equally good.

The first time I listened to Radio Dial all the way through I thought there was something sonically askew. The way the vocals were sung, and the way the songs were structured, I thought that maybe someone had found a way to sneak me some unreleased early work by Josh Ritter. It reminded me so much of Ritter, in fact, that I wasn’t surprised in the least to find that Sam Kassirer and Austin Nevins (both members of The Royal City Band) appear on songs here.

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