Honey Gentry-Heaven, California

There is a new musical project called Honey Gentry, and today they released a second single. It’s a brooding lullaby with a dreamy, eerie familiarity. Guitarist Ruben Elbrond-Palmer helps give this song a compelling sound much different than the acoustic version which was also just released. They excel at writing late-night, staring at the ceiling, existential lyrics to which anyone can relate. They rip away … Continue reading Honey Gentry-Heaven, California

Kate Epps Valentines EP Redux

British singer/songwriter Kate Epps has been featured here a couple of times before. I reviewed her Soft Pink EP last year, and then she was kind enough to write an essay about the Marina & The Diamonds track “Fear And Loathing.” Earlier in 2016 she released a 3-song set to commemorate Valentine’s Day, and the songs weren’t exactly akin to Air Supply or REO Speedwagon. … Continue reading Kate Epps Valentines EP Redux

On a personal note…with Kate Epps

“Fear and Loathing”, Marina and the Diamonds From Electra Heart, 2012. I fell in love with Marina when she released The Family Jewels back in 2010. At the time I was a little preoccupied with reading Marilyn Manson’s autobiography and listening to Nine Inch Nails, but I loved Marina all the same. “Obsessions,” “Numb,” and “Rootless” drew me in, emotionally raw in their simplicity and … Continue reading On a personal note…with Kate Epps