Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity

It’s been a little over a year since the last album from Unknown Component, the recording project of Keith Lynch. I liked the last release, The Infinite Definitive, enough to recommend it. I think I like Blood v. Electricity a little more. If nothing else, I’m happy that it’s not more of the same, as is often the case when I review a band and … Continue reading Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity

Unknown Component-The Infinite Definitive

Unknown Component is the moniker under which Keith Lynch has been making music for almost a decade. The Infinite Definitive is┬áthe seventh full-length record from the project. One might suspect that the music made by a singular entity might come off as self-important and trite, but that isn’t the case here. Instead the songs are thoughtful and often quite energetic. My personal philosophy on reviewing … Continue reading Unknown Component-The Infinite Definitive