Jason Myles Goss at Uncommon Ground


There are so many great places in Chicago to see live music that it is impossible to get to all of them. I generally try to stay around my neighborhood, which houses places like Metro, Schubas, and Lincoln Hall. Not too shabby. So last night seeing Jason Myles Goss was my first adventure way up north to Uncommon Ground, and I was surprised in more ways than one.

First of all, the venue itself is fantastic. Very intimate and quiet, like having a private concert for you and twenty to fifty close friends. The food was awesome and the drink I got came in a cup the size of a soup bowl. When I walked in there was a band already playing, so I said hello to Jason for a few minutes and then sat down with Kari to enjoy the set.


Thomas Kivi and Sarah Pray make up the folk duo Kivi & Pray, and they were awesome. I missed the first couple songs, but as I took my seat they started playing a cover of Neil Young’s “Helpless” that was as beautiful as any you’ve ever heard. The couple songs I heard while talking both featured Sarah on lead vocals, so I assumed that the deal was Thomas just sang backup. Then they played a Kivi original called “Wake Up, George!” that he sang lead on, and I realized it was much more of a back and forth.

That song is fairly Dylan-esque, and you can hear it on their bandcamp page, along with a few others they recorded at a live show in Georgia. They were a very fitting opener, and I’m glad I got there early to catch their pretty voices and strong chemistry.

A little before 9pm Jason took the stage with a small but engaged audience awaiting his voice. I think I can easily say that no one was dissapointed. Continue reading “Jason Myles Goss at Uncommon Ground”