Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18

My experience with KPop is fairly limited. When I lived in Iowa the college radio station had a show on some afternoons where they would play that style of music for an hour or two, and I would listen if I was driving around the city. It was interesting, but nothing I followed up with or would check out on my own time. Recently, I’ve … Continue reading Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18

CIFIKA at Virgin Hotel Chicago 3/23/18

Friday night I had the opportunity to see Seoul-based electronic producer-singer CIFIKA perform at Virgin Hotel in Chicago. She’s in the middle of a United States tour that is the longest ever stretch for a Korean musician. Two weeks ago she released her second EP, Prism, and performed at South By Southwest to rave reviews last week. I found her to be very warm and … Continue reading CIFIKA at Virgin Hotel Chicago 3/23/18


We’re in the midst of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, so what better time than now to highlight South Korea’s own CIFIKA. A rising star in her native country, the electronic artist is about to head out on the longest North American run ever by a Korean artist. The video for “MOMOM,” directed by Oui Kim, is pretty wild. It reminds me a lot of the … Continue reading CIFIKA-MOMOM

The Interview *** (Out of *****)

I don’t remember the last time a movie stirred up this much controversy. The stupidity of Showgirls NC-17 rating, the outrage over the portrayal of teens in Larry Clark’s Kids, the X-rating for the raw sexuality of Last Tango In Paris’s “Go-get-the-butter” scene. Censoring these films and making them difficult to see only makes us want to see it more. Generally that sets us up … Continue reading The Interview *** (Out of *****)