Top 10 Disappointments Of 2015

   10. Seeing The Rolling Stones-In hindsight I probably should’ve just let the myth live in my imagination. The greatest rock and roll band of all-time (in some minds) playing their biggest hits right in front of me! Well, after an opening slot by Rascal Flats in which they covered Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” in a medley of what I assume were RF originals. … Continue reading Top 10 Disappointments Of 2015

Unknown Component-The Infinite Definitive

Unknown Component is the moniker under which Keith Lynch has been making music for almost a decade. The Infinite Definitive is┬áthe seventh full-length record from the project. One might suspect that the music made by a singular entity might come off as self-important and trite, but that isn’t the case here. Instead the songs are thoughtful and often quite energetic. My personal philosophy on reviewing … Continue reading Unknown Component-The Infinite Definitive