More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

I’ve really enjoyed the evolution of music videos since the downfall of the original TRL. From the extravagance of big-budget Hype Williams and Dave Meyers videos to the DIY clips with badly synced sound, music videos have long been a part of the album cycle for bands. They’re also sometimes a good way to treat the fans with a quick one-off or cover track. 90 … Continue reading More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

Springtime Carnivore-Name On A Matchbook

While Greta Morgan has been taking a break from projects like Gold Motel and Hush Sound, she’s been working on her solo debut Springtime Carnivore. The album comes out this week, and Interview Magazine just premiered this video. I love the A Hard Day’s Night feel, including the black-and-white film. The song isn’t a huge departure from some of the Gold Motel material, but it’s … Continue reading Springtime Carnivore-Name On A Matchbook