Love and Radiation-You Will Know Me

Lately I’ve been trying to open myself up to different types of music. Not that I don’t listen to a lot of genres, but there are certain things I’ve neglected: electronic/ambient, psych-rock, jazz. All perfectly fine musical styles that I’ve just ignored over the years. Mainly I’ve just had a hard time connecting to them, especially electronic because I feel that there’s a certain detachment … Continue reading Love and Radiation-You Will Know Me

Calculon-Feel/Love & Radiation-Three Kingdoms

I don’t post much about house/bass/electronic or whatever term is being used this week describe the style. This is mainly due to the fact that I just don’t really care for most of it. I’ve found a few DJ’s and artists that I think do a pretty good job-Paper Diamond being chief among them-but 99% of it goes right over my head. That being said, … Continue reading Calculon-Feel/Love & Radiation-Three Kingdoms