Slothrust-The Pact

Every couple of years our ears are gifted a great offering from Slothrust. Their third album, The Pact, comes out this Friday. It’s just one month short of the two year mark since their fantastic Everyone Else. During the gap they toured relentlessly, including a few shows here in Chicago. It also appears that they may have taken a look at their output and decided … Continue reading Slothrust-The Pact

Slothrust At Schuba’s Tavern 3/10/2017

It’s been a lot of fun watching Slothrust’s rise over the past couple of years. I’ll never forget being bored at work one day when someone from Ba Da Bing sent me the single “Crockpot” and I immediately took to it. The next day I got them to send me an advance of the record Of Course You Do and they’ve been a part of … Continue reading Slothrust At Schuba’s Tavern 3/10/2017

Slothrust at Bottom Lounge 11/18/2016

Last night I got to see Slothrust, a band I think very highly of, for the second time. It’s been a bit over 2 years since the last time I could catch them and they did not disappoint. Their opening set for Highly Suspect was enough to make my week. They played a bunch of stuff off their awesome new record Everyone Else, including one … Continue reading Slothrust at Bottom Lounge 11/18/2016

Slothrust-Everyone Else

It’s been a couple years since I was singing the praises of Slothrust’s debut, Of Course You Do. That grungy instant classic ended up in my top 10 of 2014, and the band’s latest release is looking to repeat or better that offering. Everyone Else improves in almost every conceivable way over Of Course You Do. Leah Wellbaum’s guitar sounds better, the lyrics are better, … Continue reading Slothrust-Everyone Else