Molehill at SubT 5/2/2017

Tonight I went to see my friends in Molehill play an opening set at Subterranean. Mona was the headliner, but I got out of there early so I could grab dinner and be home in time to watch the end of the Celtics/Wizards game (and after that fourth quarter by Isaiah Thomas I think I made the right call). Molehill were their usual awesome selves, … Continue reading Molehill at SubT 5/2/2017

Ezra Furman + The Boy-Friends At Chop Shop 3/2/2017

I hadn’t planned on reviewing this show, seeing as I paid for a ticket like everyone else and didn’t bring the main camera or anything. I had a point and shoot with me (it’s a really nice one, but still), so the pictures kind of suck, but the show was amazing. This was already my third time seeing Ezra Furman (once solo, second with the … Continue reading Ezra Furman + The Boy-Friends At Chop Shop 3/2/2017

Loving Mary at HVAC Pub

Gotta run to work, but wanted to post some pics I took last night at HVAC Pub. I saw Loving Mary perform as Steven Tyler’s backing band at Chicago Theatre on Saturday, and they announced a free show at this bar in Wrigleyville, so I went to check it out. Tyler said he might show up, but I liked the band well enough that it … Continue reading Loving Mary at HVAC Pub

80/35 Portraits

I’m not big on doing portraits most of the time. I’m not a great poser of people. But, 80/35 gave me a great opportunity to shoot some people that are amazingly talented and humble and collaborative. I wanted to feature as many local bands as I could, and I hope that I accomplished that. Raven Lenae (local to me in Chicago) Patrick Tape-Fleming and Chris … Continue reading 80/35 Portraits