K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

K Flay followed up her appearance at Riot Fest on Friday with an after show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago Saturday night. It’s taken a few years for the mainstream to catch up with her talent, but 2017 was a huge turning point for the rapper/producer/songwriter. She’s been featured in TV commercials for Nissan and the NBA playoffs. My favorite drop was when “Blood … Continue reading K Flay at Concord Music Hall 9/15/18

Plain White T’s In-Store At Reckless Records 8/24/18

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking in to Reckless Records on a Friday night for an in-store performance by Plain White T’s. On the one hand it’s a local band who’ve made a name for themselves on a national level. On the other hand that was a while ago and the shine has worn off for the most part. The reality was was what … Continue reading Plain White T’s In-Store At Reckless Records 8/24/18

Martin Van Ruin at Fitzgerald’s 8/17/18

Being a fan of Martin Van Ruin is a bit like having a best friend that moved away when you were kids. You get together every few years and have an amazing time and at the end of the day you both know you won’t see each other again for a while. That makes every show this band performs all the more important. I’ve been … Continue reading Martin Van Ruin at Fitzgerald’s 8/17/18

Tops at Beat Kitchen 8/20/18

Beat Kitchen picked a helluva time to showcase the best sound I’ve ever heard at the venue. Every instrument was clear, the rhythm section wasn’t teeth-rattling loud, and the vocals were pushed out front as they should be. That last bit is important, because without Jane Penny’s vocals, Tops wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling. This was my first time seeing the Montreal natives live. Their … Continue reading Tops at Beat Kitchen 8/20/18

More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

I’ve really enjoyed the evolution of music videos since the downfall of the original TRL. From the extravagance of big-budget Hype Williams and Dave Meyers videos to the DIY clips with badly synced sound, music videos have long been a part of the album cycle for bands. They’re also sometimes a good way to treat the fans with a quick one-off or cover track. 90 … Continue reading More Giraffes-Basement (Live)