Looney Gloomers-Faking Paintings

We’re only a few days away from the new Looney Gloomers album, Between Good Friends, and the band has given us one last single to enjoy. “Faking Paintings” is the final bit of music we will get before the album drops, and it seems like maybe they saved the best for last. Just a couple of months ago I previewed a song called “Muscles” from … Continue reading Looney Gloomers-Faking Paintings

Girl Ray at Thalia Hall 2/21/18

Earlier this month I wrote about Girl Ray‘s 2017 record, Earl Grey. Last night I got to see them perform some of those songs as they opened for Porches at Thalia Hall. The show was “In The Round,” so rather than be up on stage, the bands played on a platform in the middle of the main floor. It’s a fun idea, and a more … Continue reading Girl Ray at Thalia Hall 2/21/18