80/35 Portraits

I’m not big on doing portraits most of the time. I’m not a great poser of people. But, 80/35 gave me a great opportunity to shoot some people that are amazingly talented and humble and collaborative. I wanted to feature as many local bands as I could, and I hope that I accomplished that. Raven Lenae (local to me in Chicago) Patrick Tape-Fleming and Chris … Continue reading 80/35 Portraits

On a personal note…With Mickey Davis of Maids

A disclaimer – For the first year of my TV on the Radio fandom, I had listened to exactly zero TV on the Radio songs. Every Friday growing up, my father would meet a group of friends at a local diner inside of a grocery store for their men’s breakfast. In part to feel like one of the guys but mainly to get greasy diner … Continue reading On a personal note…With Mickey Davis of Maids