A Refresher On Why I Love Chaperone

Over the past few months I’ve written about a lot of artists and albums. Mostly, though, I’ve just written about Chaperone and how awesome they are. I realized just now that I never really posted my original piece on the band, a review of their 2010 EP Cripple King, which I named the best Chicago release of last year. So here’s that article (which can … Continue reading A Refresher On Why I Love Chaperone


Over the last eight months, there is one band that I’ve talked about more than any other-Chicago’s very own Chaperone. From the first time I heard their song “Thomas” on The Deli‘s website, I’ve been hooked on their joyous rock ‘n’ roll. Sometimes it leans a bit country, sometimes a bit punk, but always compelling and sounding good. Now, for some reason, all you people … Continue reading Chaperone