Taylor Phelan at Martyr’s 7/8/2017

A couple weeks ago I shared a new single from former The Canes frontman and season 7 The Voice contestant Taylor Phelan. On Saturday I had the opportunity to see him play live, and he didn’t disappoint. The set was, however, slightly marred by some technical difficulties that delayed the band’s set and forced them to cut one or two songs. It didn’t stop them … Continue reading Taylor Phelan at Martyr’s 7/8/2017

Taylor Phelan-“Settle Down”

If you’re from Chicago, you may recognize the name Taylor Phelan from his time as frontman for the indie/alternative band The Canes. They split a few years ago and Taylor found himself as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Now he’s preparing to release his first solo EP this summer, and playing some shows to introduce his new music to audiences. He hits Chicago this Saturday, … Continue reading Taylor Phelan-“Settle Down”

Briar Rabbit-From Your Bones

The breakup record is one of the most popular genres of music in the world. Whether you were lying on your bed crying into your pillow or cruising around your exes neighborhood blasting “your song,” music plays a huge part in our relationships and an even bigger part in the healing process. For those of us who are non-musicians, we can merely listen and empathize. … Continue reading Briar Rabbit-From Your Bones

Falldown Record Release 11/23

Falldown isn’t entirely a new thing. These musicians have been playing together off and on for a while, retaining their permanent positions with other full-time bands. The chemistry they’ve created is undeniable after about thirty seconds of listening. They mix different styles together-sometimes jamming bluesy rock and other times leaning more toward folk and country. The singing duties are split three ways, which keeps things … Continue reading Falldown Record Release 11/23

Michele McGuire-Mid-Western Record Release Show Preview

The best thing about being a music fan in Chicago is the feeling of community between the local bands. There’s no sense of rivalry or bitterness, just a large group of people trying to make and hear the best music possible. The Shams Band is the best example of this, and it’s no surprise that they’ve sent me yet another strong album to hear. Ben … Continue reading Michele McGuire-Mid-Western Record Release Show Preview