Mates of State-Mountaintops

 Mates of State have been around making quality records for a while now, so coming out with a new release that keeps up the tradition is welcome, but not surprising. What is surprising is how similar their material is becoming. I hadn’t noticed until I listened to this record for the tenth time, but it’s basically the same as Re-Arrange Us or Team Boo. What’s … Continue reading Mates of State-Mountaintops

Record Store Day Recap

Yesterday was a great celebration for music fans and record enthusiasts around the world. Special limited-edition vinyl releases, in-store performances, and free swag from the stores themselves. A joyous day that I wish never had to end. I had to get to the record store early because I had to be at work by 11. I rode the bus over to Saki and walked in five minutes … Continue reading Record Store Day Recap