The National at Lyric Opera House 12/12/17

I don’t normally review shows by a band so close together, but I had to make a special concession for The National due to the venue they were playing. I just saw them a couple months ago at House Of Vans, a nice open space that isn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination. Last night they played at the Civic Opera House, a gigantic … Continue reading The National at Lyric Opera House 12/12/17

The National at House Of Vans 10/30/2017

Despite pretty steady touring over the past decade, I had only seen The National once before last night. I caught them in 2009 at First Ave in Minneapolis. Since then I’ve been kind of down on the band, with High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me failing to live up to my expectations. Sleep Well Beast, which I’ve only had the chance to hear once … Continue reading The National at House Of Vans 10/30/2017

El Vy-Return To The Moon

Since Boxer, I’ve grown a bit weary of The National. Still think they’re talented musicians, but as the critical acclaim built and the record sales kept growing, I feel like they’ve been playing it safe. It’s been the same formula for their last couple albums, neither of which satisfied me the way their earlier albums do. So when it was announced that Matt Berninger would … Continue reading El Vy-Return To The Moon

The Main Chance-Lunagraphy

If The National broke up right after Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, and Matt Berninger started a solo career, Lunagraphy by The Main Chance is the kind of record he’d make. The first half of it anyway. As soon as I pushed play on the first track I couldn’t stop thinking about how much Will Gosner’s voice reminded me of the frontman for one of … Continue reading The Main Chance-Lunagraphy

Mistaken For Strangers

Last night I walked into the tiny Facets Cinemateque theater to see Mistaken For Strangers. I thought it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill doc following the band around with a bunch of concert footage and some silly behind the scenes antics. Instead I saw a real movie about a man (director Tom Berninger) searching for his place in life and coming to terms … Continue reading Mistaken For Strangers