Matthew Milia-Keego Harbor

I have to give credit to social media on this one. Back in 2013, a friend I have never met in real life recommended the album Eternity Of Dimming by Frontier Ruckus. I instantly fell in love with Matthew Milia’s detailed songwriting and the melancholy tone provided by the band. I also fell in love with the “Frasier”-inspired shirt I would later buy when I … Continue reading Matthew Milia-Keego Harbor

Frontier Ruckus at Bourbon On Division

Last night Frontier Ruckus returned to Chicago for a set upstairs at Bourbon On Division. I’d never heard of the bar until the show was announced, and I’m glad I went because the space is really nice. The sound was great, the stage is nice and low so you’re face to face with the band not looking up like you’re worshiping them. Now performing as … Continue reading Frontier Ruckus at Bourbon On Division

frontier ruckus-Eternity Of Dimming

Back in 2006 frontier ruckus put out their first EP, I Am The Water You Are Pumping. I think it was the following year when I first heard of them, and I kept hearing about them over and over. For whatever reason I never checked them out. Even when people who had almost identical musical taste to my own would tell me to pick up … Continue reading frontier ruckus-Eternity Of Dimming