Whitney-No Matter Where We Go (Video)

The dudes in Whitney aren’t messing around when it comes to the push ahead of their album Light Upon The Lake (out 6/3). This is the third single of the year off the album, and definitely the best video they’ve made.  They’re gonna be on the road from now until mid-November, so chances are they’ll hit near your city. Check out the “Live” section on … Continue reading Whitney-No Matter Where We Go (Video)

Whitney-No Woman (Video)

  This video has everything: cute dogs, guys throwing axes at trees, people lighting cigarettes with sparklers, skipping stones on a lake and throwing smoke bombs in the water. I’m not sure how good that last thing is for the water or the ecosystem it’s a part of, but it looks neat. I imagine this is the kind of video Todd Philips would make if he … Continue reading Whitney-No Woman (Video)

Smith Westerns-Soft Will

There are a couple complaints I hear all the time about Smith Westerns. The first is that they’re a one-note band who keep recycling the same song over and over like Marge Simpson’s Chanel dress. The other is that they are quite boring. While I understand the first complaint (though I don’t agree with it), the second one just makes me think people aren’t listening … Continue reading Smith Westerns-Soft Will

Smith Westerns at Schubas 4/5/2013

Chicago’s favorite sons came out of hiding last night to play an early show at Schubas. Tickets went on sale April Fool’s Day, and the five dollar ticket price surely made everyone think it was a joke. Those of us lucky enough to score tickets before they sold out were treated to a set made up mostly of songs from their first two records. However, … Continue reading Smith Westerns at Schubas 4/5/2013

Smith Westerns @ Schubas 8/4/11

It’s Lollapalooza weekend, and I know we all have a million things to do before we can fully enjoy the weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. Smith Westerns proved last night why they are so loved. Every piece of praise heaped upon them by critics and fans is pretty much deserved. Their live show was insanely polished, and I couldn’t have imagined it going any … Continue reading Smith Westerns @ Schubas 8/4/11