Arkells at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

I’ve covered Arkells shows a bunch in the last few years, so I doubt I have anything new to say about them. They impress me every time I catch a show. They lean into the political, unlike a lot of bands. Rally Cry might be the best Canadian album ever to deal with American politics. They call out Trump and his dangerous rhetoric and actions … Continue reading Arkells at Sleeping Village 8/3/19

Arkells at Bottom Lounge 3/14/19

Last week Arkells came through Chicago looking for the “People’s Champ” on their Rally Cry Tour supporting their latest record of the same name. This was my fifth time catching them in the last three years, and they keep getting better every time. At this point they’re basically playing arena shows in small clubs, just waiting for the booking agents to catch up to what … Continue reading Arkells at Bottom Lounge 3/14/19

Arkells at Lincoln Hall 11/3/2017

Arkells play with the same heart and energy in a sold-out venue that holds 1,000 or a poorly attended show in a tiny bar. I’ve never seen the latter happen, but I have seen them at three different-sized places and the vibe was exactly the same each time. They’re entertainers there to put on a show, and they do not disappoint. ​ ​ A band … Continue reading Arkells at Lincoln Hall 11/3/2017

Arkells at House Of Blues 6/9/2017

Arkells returned to House Of Blues on Friday night after opening for Frank Turner at the venue back in January. Frontman Max Kerman must have been taking notes during those gigs, because he utilized every square inch of the stage during their headlining set. And when he divided he needed even MORE space, he just jumped over the barricade and hung out with the crowd. … Continue reading Arkells at House Of Blues 6/9/2017

Arkells-Morning Report

Arkells recorded most of their new record, Morning Report, in Toronto, but it feels like the constant touring across the States made it’s way into the sound on which they decided. Right off the bat on, “Drake’s Dad,” you can feel the Stax influence as Max Kerman sings about Beale Street in Memphis. Morning Report is very much a studi0-recorded road album. You can hear … Continue reading Arkells-Morning Report