Gloom Balloon-“Alone In My Head” (Video Premiere)

Any occasion to share new music from Gloom Balloon is reason for excitement. The release of Patrick’s latest album is still a month away, but he made videos for a bunch of songs and is slowly debuting each one on different sites. He asked me which one I’d like to host, because we have a good relationship, and I chose “Alone In My Head.” I … Continue reading Gloom Balloon-“Alone In My Head” (Video Premiere)

H.D. Harmsen-Idiot Boy

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from H.D. Harmsen. Back in 2013 he put out Papoose, which is still one of the most criminally under-heard records of the decade. It’s on Spotify, go listen now and come back to this later! Did you like it? “A Love Forgotten,” right? That turn-on-a-dime guitar solo just hits you out of nowhere. Great stuff. And it … Continue reading H.D. Harmsen-Idiot Boy

New Song Premiere: Twins-Teenage Grenade

Somewhere along the thin line that separates rock music from punk is where the new album from Cedar Valley, IA quartet Twins resides. Their last record, Tomboys On Parade, was a stark reminder that true rock and roll can survive. On Square America, it thrives. Built on the foundation provided by The Heartbreakers, The Kinks, and The Stones, Twins usher in a new kind of … Continue reading New Song Premiere: Twins-Teenage Grenade

Christopher The Conquered-Everybody Rains (Video)

A while back Christopher The Conquered launched a campaign to raise funds for a music video he had dreamed up as a full-on two-minute musical. Yesterday that video finally saw the light of day, debuting on Billboard’s website. It’s a fun clip that Chris wrote and directed with Matthew McIver and some help from Bruce Bales of Deft Productions. I’ve been talking a lot about … Continue reading Christopher The Conquered-Everybody Rains (Video)

Christopher The Conquered-I’m Not That Famous Yet (EP)

   Chris Ford is poised to drop an album I already have penciled in as best of 2016 in a couple months. But first, he’s teasing out a few songs to introduce Christopher The Conquered to the public at large. Many probably haven’t heard his brilliant Fate Of A Good Man record. Or seen him perform, which is a must if you enjoy his music. … Continue reading Christopher The Conquered-I’m Not That Famous Yet (EP)