GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

A couple nights ago The Empty Bottle hosted one of the best nights of music I saw all year. Two Chicago bands, The Gold Web and Yoko & The Oh No’s, opened for Milwaukee’s GGOOLLDD. The excitement and fun was felt right off the bat. The Gold Web’s keyboardist/percussion player was shooting confetti all over the place. At one point balloons were released that lingered … Continue reading GGOOLLDD at Empty Bottle 12/16/17

Tech N9ne at The Rave, Milwaukee 4/29/2016

Last Friday night rapper Tech N9ne performed at The Rave in Milwaukee. I was in Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival, but Cindi Huang was there to capture the show for us. You might recognize Cindi by her Instagram handle m3andmylif3-if you subscribe to Subterranean’s newsletter you’ve seen her photos headlining their mailings. This was her first show shooting for Music.Defined. and we hope … Continue reading Tech N9ne at The Rave, Milwaukee 4/29/2016


   I think I may have finally found something to fill the Smith Westerns-shaped hole in my heart, and it’s the new single from Jaill. “Getaway” is fresh, fun, and catchy as hell. There’s a lot going on but it never gets in the way of the melody, and the performers put just enough on the parts without going over the top. The Milwaukee band … Continue reading Jaill-“Getaway”

Buffalo Gospel-We Can Be Horses

A couple years ago I was trying to set up an interview with John Darnielle when he came through town with The Mountain Goats. I exchanged a few emails with a guy from Shorefire who eventually told me that there wouldn’t be enough time for me to get in there. As expected, I suppose. During these emails he did send me a record to check … Continue reading Buffalo Gospel-We Can Be Horses