The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

The Chambermaids are a seemingly ever-evolving outfit from Minneapolis. They’ve been making music for a decade in various combinations of people, the one constant being brother and sister duo Neil and Martha Weir. Whatever Happened Tomorrow is their third full-length, and their third release on Guilt Ridden Pop following two singles last year. It’s an album that doesn’t like to stay in one place too … Continue reading The Chambermaids-Whatever Happened Tomorrow

Thomas Kivi & The Immigrants

I first heard of Thomas Kivi when he was opening for Jason Myles Goss here in Chicago, alongside his bandmate Sarah Pray. They traded lead vocals back and forth, playing songs off both of their solo albums and a couple covers. They had good chemistry together, and their voices fit together very well. Kivi’s first album, Crying Child, is good-very precious at times. There’s a … Continue reading Thomas Kivi & The Immigrants

What Tyrants-Kill The Cat

The music scene in Minneapolis has always been a conundrum to me. A lot of times you can say a city and I immediately connect it with a style of music (Chicago=blues, NYC=indie rock, and so on). But Minneapolis has given us The Replacements, Prince, and the hip-hop crew Rhymesayers. It’s this eclecticism that draws me to the Twin Cities, and it seems to be … Continue reading What Tyrants-Kill The Cat