Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

Kari didn’t have the opportunity to shoot as many shows as I did this year, yet she came away with about as many worthwhile shots as me. Some of these were shot for this website, and some for Aesthetic Magazine out of Toronto, which she’s been shooting for the past couple years. Check out her Facebook page for more photos. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. … Continue reading Kari’s Top 16 of ’16 (Photos)

5 Years Of Songs

You have no idea how excited I am to be hosting the 5th anniversary show at Beat Kitchen we’ve put together April 25th. I’m featuring three bands that are very well known to me, and hopefully you, but not household names by any means. My greatest joy is introducing people to new music through this site and over the last few years I’ve covered a … Continue reading 5 Years Of Songs

Music.Defined. Turns 5

   I never thought we’d make it this far. Honestly, when I started Music.Defined. it was mostly out of spite, which explains the terrible name. Looking back it was the right decision, branching out on my own, but I probably could’ve done a better job that first year (or four). It’s been a real delight sharing new music with all of you, and I hope … Continue reading Music.Defined. Turns 5

In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

Another Molehill show, another great time. These guys always do a great job of bringing the rock. This was their last show in Chicago for the year, and it was awesome. That’s pretty much par for the course nowadays, but any opportunity to see Molehill on stage is well worth your time. Continue reading In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

Molehill-“Two Souls” Video

   I’m a fan of interpretive dance in music videos. Done well it can be a great marriage of sight and sound. In the case of Molehill’s “Two Souls” video, dancers Katie Williams and Brian Lynch provide an emotional tapestry for the song about two people torn apart only to come together again. You can hear this tune and many others Saturday night at Double … Continue reading Molehill-“Two Souls” Video