Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love

If you are still ignorant of the band Mooner, do not try to pin that on me. I checked, and Mooner (as well as their associated acts) have been featured on the pages of this site seven times. Perhaps fewer than they deserve, but certainly enough to avoid any claims that I haven’t been trying to tell you. For my money, Mooner is one of … Continue reading Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love

Dunn Dunn Fest Night 3: Schubas Tavern

   To close out my festival coverage this year I wanted something spectacular. Looking at the lineups from all three days, every night had something special for me. Saturday night had one thing all the others didn’t, though. It had frontier ruckus, and band I have loved for a while now but hadn’t seen live. Plus, two of Chicago’s finest bands Mooner and Martin Van … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Night 3: Schubas Tavern

The Obleeks-One In A Million

   There’s something rather fun and exciting about the latest EP from The Obleeks. It’s a briskly-paced 4 song collection recorded in the childhood home of brothers Andy and Lee Ketch in Portland (they’re now based in Chicago). One would think that going back home to make a record would drown it in nostalgic references, but One In A Million isn’t some trip down memory … Continue reading The Obleeks-One In A Million

Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)

I got to see Mooner in a unique setting last week when they played as a duo at Jerry’s in Wicker Park. It was a nice reminder of how solid their songs are, as I hadn’t seen them perform in about a year. The vocals were pushed a little further than a normal show, so you could really hear Lee Ketch’s voice singing his words. … Continue reading Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)

On A Personal Note…With Lee Ketch Of Mooner

Lee Ketch Song essay for Music. Defined. 04/16/2015 The Triffids – Wide Open Road I know The Triffids’ “Wide Open Road” is my favorite song because it has remained my favorite song for more than five minutes. It’s been my favorite song for almost six years, beating its predecessor, Brian Eno’s “By This River” by three. In 2008, I was visiting home from my freshman … Continue reading On A Personal Note…With Lee Ketch Of Mooner