Moritat At The Empty Bottle 12/2/2014

Moritat headlined The Empty Bottle last night, and played a great set. However, the evening belonged to Adele Nichols who not only set up the show, but also delivered the best performance of the night under the moniker Axons. Two other groups performed: Zigtebra opened and Spaces Of Disappearance went second. Zigtebra was the most pleasant surprise. I’d never heard of them before last night … Continue reading Moritat At The Empty Bottle 12/2/2014


Chicago pop-experimenters┬áMoritat have played with a bunch of bands I like around town, and somehow I’ve never seen them live. That’s going to change tomorrow when they headline The Empty Bottle in support of their new EP High Plus Tight. The record isn’t due out til late January, but they’ve released the first single. It’s got a hypnotic dance beat that will keep your feet … Continue reading Moritat-“Visits”

Emptying My Inbox, part 1

I get a lot of music submissions every week, and I’m grateful that bands and artists are seeing out my opinion (and the little exposure that provides). I really like listening to everything and getting to know the bands that send me stuff. One thing I don’t really dig is reviewing singles. I’ve mentioned this before, but anyone can strike gold once. I want to … Continue reading Emptying My Inbox, part 1