Ash Is Purest White-**** Out Of *****

Hollywood has had it’s eye turned toward China for a while now, but American audiences haven’t taken to Chinese films with the same fervor. It isn’t for a lack of quality cinema, as Zhangke Jia’s latest displays. The director made a huge splash with Still Life in 2006, and he has been consistently winning over critics with every film since. Ash Is Purest White is … Continue reading Ash Is Purest White-**** Out Of *****

CIFF Capsule Review: The Great Buster

Buster Keaton was born this month in 1895. His transition from Vaudeville family act to silver screen icon began over 100 years ago. And yet, his talent and charm make his movies as relevant today as they were when they were made. The true test of comedy, in my opinion, is whether or not it can make you laugh out loud when you’re alone. I’ve … Continue reading CIFF Capsule Review: The Great Buster

Valentine’s Love Fest

   In past years I’ve always made a playlist of songs that I thought fit with the Valentine’s Day celebration. This year, I’ve decided to do a list of films instead, since there aren’t enough good love songs coming out every year to necessitate a new list. So here are some things you can watch with your boo/bae/significant other. The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant as … Continue reading Valentine’s Love Fest

Night Owls **** (out of *****)

   “This movie cost less to make than that car sitting outside,” Adam Pally said, comparing his new film Night Owls to the $220,000 Aston Martin parked in front of Music Box Theatre (AM is one of the sponsors of the Chicago Critics Film Festival.) “Like, $100,000 less.” You wouldn’t know by watching the film. Sure it’s just two people talking for 95% of the … Continue reading Night Owls **** (out of *****)

CIMM Fest Preview: American B-Side

British DJ Joseph Fletcher’s debut film American B-Side is an oddity to say the least, and it gets its world premiere next Sunday at Logan Theater in Chicago. CIMM Fest continues the now 7-year tradition of finding interesting films related in one way or another to the music world. Many of them are straight fiction or documentary, but this one feels like a little bit … Continue reading CIMM Fest Preview: American B-Side