CIMM Fest Preview: American B-Side

British DJ Joseph Fletcher’s debut film American B-Side is an oddity to say the least, and it gets its world premiere next Sunday at Logan Theater in Chicago. CIMM Fest continues the now 7-year tradition of finding interesting films related in one way or another to the music world. Many of them are straight fiction or documentary, but this one feels like a little bit … Continue reading CIMM Fest Preview: American B-Side

The Humbling ***1/2 (Out Of *****)

 The careers of director Barry Levinson’s and his star, Al Pacino, have reached what is hopefully the end of a long decline. Pacino, so beloved and respected, hasn’t really given a great non-Shakespeare performance since Michael Mann’s Heat. Levinson, the Oscar-nominated director of Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam, and Diner hasn’t done anything even close to good since Wag The Dog in 1997 (and … Continue reading The Humbling ***1/2 (Out Of *****)

What We Do In The Shadows-***1/2 (Out Of *****)

Two-thirds of the creative team behind Flight Of The Conchords teamed up to bring us this mockumentary about vampires living in Wellington. Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi share duties both writing and directing, and do a great job of keeping the pace nice and easy. With tales of the supernatural, I find that some films try to over explain things to get you to buy … Continue reading What We Do In The Shadows-***1/2 (Out Of *****)

Nightcrawler-**** (Out of *****)

“Something in your kitchen may be killing you. Find out what, right after these commercials.” You’ve probably heard that, or something much like it, during your local news broadcast. This low-level fear mongering is the outlets way to get you intrigued so you’ll stick around through the ad break. It’s a method that’s been used for decades, with cable news channels ramping it up even … Continue reading Nightcrawler-**** (Out of *****)

My Best Friend Bill, Whom I’ve Never Met

It’s been a couple months now and I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like, when you find out something about a person and it completely changes everything you’ve known for your entire relationship. A chill runs down your spine and your mind melts into a puddle at the same time. That’s the awful, cold, confused feeling I’ve had since it happened, and … Continue reading My Best Friend Bill, Whom I’ve Never Met