LPX at Metro 10/13/2017

When MS MR announced a hiatus earlier this year, fans were made to wonder what would be coming next. Lizzy Plapinger’s solo project LPX has slowly released a couple singles, with a third called “Better” just released last month. Her new stuff is a bit more rock-based, with guitars creating the sounds instead of synths. At the show on Saturday she even mentioned her love … Continue reading LPX at Metro 10/13/2017

Taste Of Randolph 2016 Preview

When I got the email detailing the lineup for this year’s Taste Of Randolph festival, I was pretty impressed. Then I took a second look, beyond the headliners, and saw that Patrick Watson was there as well. Oh my! Now we’re talking about another Taste Of Randolph music lineup with wide appeal that I can fully get behind. The opening day of street festivals is … Continue reading Taste Of Randolph 2016 Preview

They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?

I remember when I was younger watching music videos was something like a religious experience. Every day after school kids would rush home to act as the congregation for reverend Carson Daly as he sermonized the MTV-anointed popular music for us. The show changed the music industry in it’s own way. Instead of having a few really movie-quality videos, everyone had to have one. And … Continue reading They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?