Welcome To Hasty Revelations

Tonight I had the honor of hosting Langhorne Slim at Handwritten Recording to kick off our new project, Hasty Revelations. So what is it and why did the band agree to come help us out? I can really only answer one of those. The idea originated, as most do, when I was having a drink with David McMillin of Fort Frances. I was talking about … Continue reading Welcome To Hasty Revelations

A Boy And His Record Player

I remember way back in 2002 the idea entered my head for the first time to purchase a record player. Napster had hit it’s peak in popularity among people my age, and now sites like Limewire and Kazaa were overtaking the originator of P2P file sharing. There was something about that particular time and place that made getting an old, antiquated piece of machinery seem … Continue reading A Boy And His Record Player

Chaperone @ Beat Kitchen 4/9/2011

If you’re going to be reading this blog at all, you need to know something up front: I’m a Chaperone fan. And I don’t mean that I think they’re pretty good and they’re a good show to go see if there’s nothing else to do. I mean I think they’re a great band and it pisses me off that more people don’t get into them. … Continue reading Chaperone @ Beat Kitchen 4/9/2011