Jonny Strykes-All The Way Home/Gimme A Sign

A month or so ago I got my first listen to the music of Jonny Strykes with two songs that provided a little taste of his talents, but left me wanting more. Fortunately, he has followed those tracks with two tracks that feel more confident and sharp. These tunes that make up his latest double single slide right into my wheelhouse of synth pop and … Continue reading Jonny Strykes-All The Way Home/Gimme A Sign

Daniel Ellsworth-Blurry

There was a time, not that long ago (if you consider it relative to the entirety of time) that Daniel Ellsworth was a pretty regular staple of this website. His band, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes were featured here often. It’s been almost 5 years since the last post about him, and that’s really a shame because he’s a fantastic songwriter. He’s been working … Continue reading Daniel Ellsworth-Blurry

Sound&Shape-Disaster Medicine

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve covered international bands in more than half of my posts. It’s about time a quintessentially American rock and roll record to grace this webpage. Nashville’s Sound&Shape released Disaster Medicine a few weeks ago and you can add it to their list of great works that keeps growing. The band has been putting something out every couple of years … Continue reading Sound&Shape-Disaster Medicine

Erin Rae-Putting On Airs

There’s a softness to Erin Rae’s voice that belies the cynicism of her lyrics. You could set her style up next to post-Rilo Kiley Jenny Lewis and Laura Marling to see some of the modern influences in the music you’ll hear on Putting On Airs. Going back further you’ll also find Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris in there as well. Maybe even a little Petula … Continue reading Erin Rae-Putting On Airs

Songwriters Round Chicago Edit at Hideout 5/22/18

Last night I had the opportunity to catch some songwriters from Chicago. One of them I know quite well, and three that I hadn’t really listened to before. The slate was Dina Bach, Phillip Michael Scales, Eric Quigley, and Nikki Morgan. The show was set up by Teri Bracken of the band Bronte Fall after she spent some time in Nashville and wanted to bring … Continue reading Songwriters Round Chicago Edit at Hideout 5/22/18