Sound & Shape-Peasants

It’s been 3 years since Sound & Shape’s last release, Bad Actors. The Nashvillians return with Peasants on March 24th. The 5-song EP is another step up for the rock band who have been working their way toward mainstream popularity for almost a decade. Peasants is easily their most accessible work, with passages reminiscent of everything from Queens Of The Stone Age to Steely Dan. … Continue reading Sound & Shape-Peasants

Nikki Lane at Do Division Fest 6/3/2016 (PHOTOS)

I finally got the opportunity to see Nikki Lane play live, over two years after her record All Or Nothin’ was in constant rotation on my iPod. She delivered a solid set to a Chicago crowd that was ready to hear some outlaw country. Lane sang a mix of originals and Waylon Jennings covers, announced herself as a big shit-talker, and became the first person … Continue reading Nikki Lane at Do Division Fest 6/3/2016 (PHOTOS)

Jill Andrews at Thalia Hall 4/15/2016

If you missed out on Jill Andrews beautiful folk album The War Inside when it came out last year, don’t fret. They just released a new deluxe edition that’s streaming on Spotify with two new songs. If you’ve been avoiding it because she’s a “country” artist, well, grow up. Take a listen and you’ll find she’s more in the vein of First Aid Kit than … Continue reading Jill Andrews at Thalia Hall 4/15/2016

Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall

   Here’s a little Dunn Dunn Fest riddle for you: what do you get when you cross amazing bands, a great crowd, and a first-class music venue? If you guessed “night 2 of Dunn Dunn Fest, specifically the show at Lincoln Hall featuring Nasty Snacks, Alanna Royale, and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, congratulations! Go reward yourself with a cookie. I’ll wait. How was … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall