Opus Orange-Miles From Nowhere

I’m not sure if it’s the beauty of the backing vocals or the hours I currently spend looking longingly out my windows, but this video really hit me hard. Filmed and edited on VHS, Opus Orange takes us on a little hike out in the hills and trees. The landscape is beautiful and provides a good visual to show the feeling of isolating in the … Continue reading Opus Orange-Miles From Nowhere

Jess Williamson-Wind On Tin

If you’re looking to buy some new albums on my birthday, this week has been a real boon for you. Yesterday Perfume Genius announced his latest, due out May 15, and today Jess Williamson followed suit by announcing her own new record dropping at the same time. Sorceress lands in about three months, and the lead single is now available for all to hear. “Wind … Continue reading Jess Williamson-Wind On Tin