Wilco At Chicago Theatre 2/26/2017

I’ve said this many times, to myself and among my friends and anyone who would be so kind to listen to me ramble on, but it must be stated again-Wilco is the best live band in America. I only stop short of saying the world because, like “The Late Greats,” maybe there is some band I’ve never heard of that is even better. It is … Continue reading Wilco At Chicago Theatre 2/26/2017


After 20 years of existence, Wilco spent 2015 reminding everyone why they were heralded as “America’s Greatest Rock Band” in the first place. Their Star Wars album stands up against the best works they’ve done, and let Jeff Tweedy and co. show off their fun side that had been kept under wraps since 2009’s Wilco (The Album). Now the band returns with Schmilco only 13 … Continue reading Wilco-Schmilco

Wilco at 80/35

Wilco brought their 20th anniversary tour to the people of Des Moines at 80/35, and like every other stop along the way they did not disappoint. Playing a mix of hits off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, and deep cuts you’ll only find on the recent rarities album, the set featured enough change ups to keep even the biggest fans guessing. “Shouldn’t … Continue reading Wilco at 80/35

Wilco Week In Chicago

Few bands in the history of rock music have ingrained themselves so finely into the DNA of their hometown as Wilco has. When I think of bands that have become super famous, I don’t usually link them immediately with a place. When somebody says “Wilco,” Chicago is the first thing that pops into my head. So when it was announced a while back that the … Continue reading Wilco Week In Chicago

Wilco-The Whole Love (First Impressions)

¬†As with any Wilco record, it’s almost impossible for me to really make a judgement on the music until I hear it live. I kinda hated Sky Blue Sky until I saw the band perform in Davenport. The music takes on a completely different feeling when it’s being played right in front of you. Even the more mundane parts of Wilco (The Album) come across … Continue reading Wilco-The Whole Love (First Impressions)