Pitchfork 2014 Preview

20140714-131126-47486954.jpgJust a week after returning from Toronto to cover the new Urban Roots Festival we’re gearing up for one of the biggest fests in the world, Pitchfork. I’ve never been to this festival, but the people I’ve talked to that have all gave it good marks. With the polar vortex once again sharing that cold Canadian weather with us, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have a blast. There are a ton of great artists playing this year-probably the best overall lineup I’ve seen since I started paying attention. Yes, Neutral Milk Hotel are playing Saturday night right after St. Vincent, but the party starts way before that.

The reason I got tickets for this year, in all honesty, is to see Beck. I haven’t seen him live and he doesn’t tour as much as he used to-at least not in the Midwest. So, for the price of one ticket to see Justin Timberlake I got a three-day pass. No arguments here. All three days are packed with awesome bands to see. Here are the ones I’m most excited about.
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The TURF 2014 Experience

We spent last weekend in Canada celebrating our own American independence by rocking out with some awesome bands at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival. Only in its second year of existence, TURF gets a lot of things right that other festivals have been getting wrong for ages. It was honestly some of the most fun I’ve had covering anything in the four years I’ve been doing this. The mixture of genres was well-balanced, the bathrooms were still clean well into the third day, and they had some awesome Toronto-based food trucks parked in the center so you could grab something easily between sets.


The thing I appreciated most about TURF was the ease with which one could get around. Fort York is a huge park, and everything was set up so the stages weren’t too far apart with plenty of green space to grab some shade under a tree or eat a bubble cake in a canoe. The photo pit got a little crazy during the more popular bands sets, but even then most people were courteous about bumping into you. This is a stark contrast to a fest like Lollapalooza, where they sell so many tickets that even in the vastness of Grant Park you’re hard-pressed to find a spot where you aren’t completely surrounded. The openness at TURF gives the whole thing a very relaxed feel.

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Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2014 Preview

Next week, instead of reveling in drunken buffoonery and watching fireworks explode over Lake Michigan, MD is heading north to Lake Ontario in Toronto to collect some Harvey’s trays and also enjoy a great music festival now in its second year. The Toronto Urban Roots Festival takes place at Fort York Garrison Common, and founder Jeff Cohen has put together another great lineup this year. … Continue reading Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2014 Preview