The Karma Killers at SubT 4/1/2016

The Karma Killers had the honor of opening for Arkells and Dreamers at Subterranean last night, and it was honestly one of the best opening sets I’ve ever seen. I’d never heard of this band, but from the very first note it was like someone took a cord and plugged the audience in to a 1.21 jigawatt socket. Frontman Micky James was dynamic and charming-half … Continue reading The Karma Killers at SubT 4/1/2016

Brian Fallon-Painkillers

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a decade since The Gaslight Anthem first formed. And it’s crazy to think it’s been almost that long since The ’59 Sound launched them to stardom. With that kind of success, I’m kind of surprised Brian Fallon hadn’t released a solo album yet. With the band now on hiatus, it must have been a great feeling for the frontman … Continue reading Brian Fallon-Painkillers

The Everymen-Spain (Video)

New Jersey’s┬áThe Everymen have managed to marry two of my favorite things in their new video for “Spain.” The clip involves a guy who’s just gotta ride rails-he knows no other way of life. This leads to some hilarious shots of him falling off of rails, like a great skateboarding video minus the skateboards. That it also features a really fun tune makes it all … Continue reading The Everymen-Spain (Video)