Indigo de Souza-Younger & Dumber

Any time we get new music from Indigo de Souza, it’s a reason to celebrate. Today we get news of new album, a new single with video, and a slew of shows including 5/18 here in Chicago at Thalia Hall. Having seen her live a couple of times, I can guarantee you won’t want to miss this tour. “Younger & Dumber” leads the campaign for … Continue reading Indigo de Souza-Younger & Dumber

The Rural Alberta Advantage-Plague Dogs

There was a nice chunk of time between 2008 and 2013 or 14 when I would’ve said that The Rural Alberta Advantage were one of my favorite bands. Saw them live a number of times, listened to their first two albums constantly, and imagined the good times would never end. Their third album didn’t hit like the first two, and I started to drift away, … Continue reading The Rural Alberta Advantage-Plague Dogs

2022’s Top 25 Albums

It’s common knowledge that most people stop discovering new music once they hit 30. So I’m proud to say as an elder millennial, that of the 25 albums listed below, over half of the bands have never appeared on any of my lists before this year. Naturally there are some familiar names, especially around the top of the list. It’s not my fault that these … Continue reading 2022’s Top 25 Albums

Emily Vaughn-Dead 2 Me

This Valentine’s Day I received a ton of emails featuring new songs or videos specifically for this special occasion. Lots of stuff about carefree, passionless romance that all sounds the same. Then I happened upon this video for a song called “Dead 2 Me” by Emily Vaughn. I’d never heard of her before today, but in the publicity email they referred to her as the … Continue reading Emily Vaughn-Dead 2 Me