Song Premiere: Grand Am-“I Think I Found”

I’m very excited to be the person to deliver the second song from the duo Grand Am into your life. The first single is a straight-up jam, and “I Think I Found” adds a few new twists to their sound. Producer/Composer/ James Panepinto of New York and Singer/Songwriter David McMillin of Chicago are still working on the finishing touches of their full collection of songs, … Continue reading Song Premiere: Grand Am-“I Think I Found”

Be Safe Goodbye, A New Record By The All-About

I’ve been following the music of The All-About for a few years now. I was instantly a fan the first time I heard the song “Feel Weird Hit Of The Winter” off 2012’s Winterpop. Something about Zac Coe’s music connects with me more intensely than most, so I’m happy to count him not only as a big part of my life’s soundtrack but also a … Continue reading Be Safe Goodbye, A New Record By The All-About

Sons Of An Illustrious Father-Revol

It’s been a little over four years since the last full-length record from Sons Of An Illustrious Father. One Body was my favorite record of 2011, and one that I return to often even today. Since then the group have put out a handful of songs to tide us over. “Loveletting,” off the Sons EP that came out a little over a year ago is … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father-Revol

Johnny Gallagher-Six Day Hurricane

If you only know John Gallagher, jr. from his acting roles in films like Short Term 12 or television programs like “Newsroom,” you’re really only seeing a limited view of the man’s many talents. He’s an award-winning Broadway actor whose performance in musicals like “Spring Awakening” and Green Day’s “American Idiot” catapulted him into the elite of musical theater. He’s long been an active songwriter … Continue reading Johnny Gallagher-Six Day Hurricane