CIMM Fest Preview-808 The Movie

   Alexander Dunn’s documentary about the Roland T-808 drum machine is the kind of fact-filled film that reminds me there is so much about music that I don’t know. Like a lot of people 808 only really makes me think of Kanye’s polarizing album 808’s And Heartbreaks. I knew very little of the history surrounding the instrument going in to 808: The Movie, and they … Continue reading CIMM Fest Preview-808 The Movie

Sinclair-“The World Is Ours”

Heard this fun synthpop track and wanted to share it. This is from Sinclair’s debut EP Sweet Talk, which comes out next week on November 4th. I’d never heard of Sinclair before, but the New York native now living in Nashville writes some catchy tunes. There isn’t much out there for you to check out just yet, so listen to the song below and remember … Continue reading Sinclair-“The World Is Ours”

Who To See At CMJ 2013

I wasn’t going to do a preview of the CMJ Festival starting tomorrow, but I know enough people that are going/playing that it felt like a disservice to them if I didn’t. That said, do not consider this a complete listing in the slightest. CMJ has about a billion bands playing all across New York City over the next few days. Let’s just call this … Continue reading Who To See At CMJ 2013