Miss Grit-Impostor

Throughout history there has been one rule when it comes to getting away with things you shouldn’t be doing: do it with confidence. Like many impostor’s before it, Miss Grit’s “Impostor” is full with conviction and swagger. The title track to Margaret Sohn’s new EP, the song captures the feeling of underserved success and the emptiness that accompanies it. If the track tells us anything, … Continue reading Miss Grit-Impostor

Red Spot Rhythm Section-Hard To Give Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, I thought today would be a good time to share this track from Red Spot Rhythm Section. It’s about the inability we have to be thankful when things aren’t going well and that’s never been more relevant than right now. With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to get worse, many of our traditional plans are being thrown out in favor … Continue reading Red Spot Rhythm Section-Hard To Give Thanks

Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love

If you are still ignorant of the band Mooner, do not try to pin that on me. I checked, and Mooner (as well as their associated acts) have been featured on the pages of this site seven times. Perhaps fewer than they deserve, but certainly enough to avoid any claims that I haven’t been trying to tell you. For my money, Mooner is one of … Continue reading Mooner-The Alternate Universe Of Love