From The Archives: Mister Heavenly at Lincoln Hall 1/14/2011

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to write about any new music over the past couple months. I think we’re all in the doldrums of isolation by now. So, just for the sake of posting something in case everyone has forgotten about this website, here’s an old post from 2011 and the first time I saw Mister Heavenly. It was also the first show I … Continue reading From The Archives: Mister Heavenly at Lincoln Hall 1/14/2011

Mister Heavenly-Boxing The Moonlight

It’s been a little over six years since Mister Heavenly formed and released the brilliant Out Of Love. I was fortunate enough to see one of their early shows here in Chicago, when they had Michael Cera playing bass and making bad cheese-related jokes at a Tomorrow Never Knows performance. As a fan of the band Islands, it didn’t take me long to fall in … Continue reading Mister Heavenly-Boxing The Moonlight

Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

Last year Islands hit Chicago for a show at Lincoln Hall a couple weeks after their album A Sleep And A Forgetting was released. Following the same timeline this year, they played last night at Empty Bottle with Ski Mask hitting shelves very recently. Empty Bottle is a much smaller venue, so I was shocked that tickets remained available up until the time of the … Continue reading Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

Islands-Ski Mask

In 2009, following the release of Vapours, a lot of people told me that Islands had become a completely different band. They were upset by the heavy use of poppy synths and slick mainstream production. I didn’t understand the problem because that’s always been Islands to me. They’ve never hidden the fact that they’re a pop band-they just happen to be one that writes sometimes … Continue reading Islands-Ski Mask

Islands-A Sleep And A Forgetting

This album is easily the least Islands-y of Nick Thorburn’s career. Gone are the big, sweeping production values, replaced by straight-up live recording and an emphasis on the lyrics. He seems to acknowledge this departure with the albums opening line, “Open up your door to me, and let me in.” It took a few knocks, but eventually I did open up that door, and I … Continue reading Islands-A Sleep And A Forgetting