Crown Larks-Population

I’m still playing catch-up on records I’ve missed this year, and will continue to do so until early 2018. Back in May Chicago’s Crown Larks put out a new record called Population, which is available here. I’ve listened to the band off and on over the past few years, and I always enjoy their fresh perspective. A lot of people like to mention jazz when … Continue reading Crown Larks-Population

Jamaican Queens-Wormfood

Over the weekend I was introduced to trap-pop trio Jamaican Queens, who hail from Detroit. I’m a novice in the genre, but their sound reminds me of a more bass-leaning Of Montreal or Islands. They use a lot of synths, which gives the songs an otherworldly quality. The vocals are often a mesh of male and female voices twisted together until they are indecipherable. They … Continue reading Jamaican Queens-Wormfood