Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

A couple songs into their set and you’ll understand why Puss N Boots opened it up with “Twilight” by The Band. As three women who can sing and play multiple instruments, the influence of Robbie, Garth, Rick, Levon, and Richard is felt in everything they do. The trio was in Chicago for about a week recording a new album at Wilco’s Loft and put on … Continue reading Puss N Boots at Martyrs 3/4/19

Norah Jones-Little Broken Hearts

I don’t know why I feel obligated to listen to every single Norah Jones album. She’s never put out a solo album that I’ve liked, and I’ve never come away with anything but a feeling of loss for the time I’ll never get back. Maybe it’s because I think there’s a record somewhere in her that will truly be good. Maybe it’s because I enjoy … Continue reading Norah Jones-Little Broken Hearts

Rome-DangerMouse and Daniele Luppi

I’ve been thinking about soundtracks a lot this week. ┬áMostly I’ve been thinking about how terrible they are for the most part, and how lucky we are to have people like Michael Giacchino around to keep things interesting. The art of the soundtrack has been, for years, lost on newer composers. Left to their own devices, the icons of the form (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, … Continue reading Rome-DangerMouse and Daniele Luppi