Oliver Ignatius-Violence by a Man Against a Woman

I’ve known Oliver Ignatius for a long time now. First heard as a teen in The Hysterics, currently as an artist/producer behind some of my favorite works of the last decade. He’s always been someone I can count on to create interesting soundscapes and engaging stories. I am amazed by his ability to craft songs, especially under his present situation as the target of death … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius-Violence by a Man Against a Woman

Odetta and Camellia Hartman-Tonight You Belong To Me featuring Oliver Ignatius

I got an early listen to this song a few weeks ago (an early Christmas present from the good people at Holy Fang). I’d never heard of Patience & Prudence, nor original writers Billy Rose and Lee David. Somehow I missed the bajillion covers by everyone from Nancy Sinatra to Eddie Vedder-even the bird and the bee do a version of this tune (reinterpreting the … Continue reading Odetta and Camellia Hartman-Tonight You Belong To Me featuring Oliver Ignatius

Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Way back in June of 2011 I first wrote about Oliver Ignatius and his band The Hysterics. Shortly thereafter I had the pleasure of interviewing him after he contacted me to set the record straight on how everything went down with the dissolving of that group. We became friends and down the line he sent me some stuff by Sons Of An Illustrious Father, a … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius & Ezra Miller-sadtown

Oliver Ignatius-Citys A Hell

I’ve been following the career of Oliver Ignatius for about 15 years already. As a teen he fronted the band The Hysterics, who became the first band to break out of the blogosphere and landed themselves some screen time on MTV. After that band dissolved, which you can read about here, he started his own studio. Over the past seven or eight years a lot … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius-Citys A Hell

Oh! My Blackbird-Violet EP

It’s been a little over a year since Oh! My Blackbird released their first full-length, Dare Me. I thought that album was a sweet piece of folk pop confection that ended up ranked in my top 50 albums of 2012. I’ve been wondering when they would return, and whether they would keep with the style the do so well or change it up a bit. … Continue reading Oh! My Blackbird-Violet EP